Espio: URBANEARS Headphone, CARRERA 6000 sunglasses, EDDIE BORGO Spiked urn gold-plated pendant necklace, Brahmin Stud Wrap Bracelet Black Nepal, UNIQLO Linen Blended Tank Top, d. Brand Shorts, Nike Performance Hoodie, ASOS Clip On iPhone 5 Case In Exclusive Pink Leopard Print, Nike Sportswear AIR MAX THEA Trainers


This is the only scene I care of now

Vector: /yawn/ Time for bed.

Vector: Night guys~



Okay, okay! I'll BUY them from you!

Vector: DUDE NO!

Vector: /yawn/ Time for bed.

Vector: Night guys~

Vector, can I borrow your shoes? They look pretty cool!

Vector: Wh— I need them to walk brah! I can buy you shoes!

T: basically I invented an item that is going into stock in 2 months, however many you sell you get 25 percent of the profit...

Vector: I’m listening.

OOC: Maybe. I don’t know. 

Vector, when did you wanted to be a detective? Was it at the age of five or something?

Vector: Pretty much I suppose, I like helping out mobians. Pay or no pay.